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You Won't Believe These Benefits of Bath Salts 17/01/2018

By Mary Thompson - 

The Many Benefits of Bath Salts
Mineral baths and hot springs delivered right to your door
As the number of toxins in the air increase, so do the chances of rashes and skin abrasions. With these come the implementation of prescription pills and creams that do work but, negative side effects sometimes fatal are also a part of the package.
Who knew that soaking in a bath could take the place of medication and a stack full of medical bills?
The funny thing about medical research is that the best remedies end up being found through natural resources rather than a mixture of potentially harmful ingredients. In order to achieve miraculous results without the negative side effects, most individuals have turned to soaking in hot springs and mineral baths.
However, not everyone has the luxury of going to the spa or up into the mountains as part of their regular skincare routine. That's when bath salts come in to play.
Now it's possible to get the healing properties of natural baths at home.
How easy is it to transform bath water into a natural spring?
All that's needed is dissolving a couple of cups of bath salts into a warm bath and soak. Then let the liquefied vitamins and minerals do the rest of the work.
What types of benefits can anyone come to expect from utilizing the healing properties of bath salts?
One of the main benefits bath salts provide are the shedding of dead skin cells which help clear the way for new ones. This along with having moisturizing capabilities makes it a must-have for any skincare routine.
Ensuring that those who soak in this salted bath have healthy skin isn't all the cleansing routines are capable of. Their minerals are also able to penetrate deep enough to cure muscle pains as well as encourage relaxation and relieve stress.
Can there be too much of a good thing?
In order to truly reap the benefits of soaking in salted baths, it's crucial to know when to do it and how for how long. The key to success is choosing when to indulge. For instance, the summertime is ideal for soaking in a salted bath as opposed to winter.
After all, despite their moisturizing benefits, there's also the chance of soaking too long and skin being dried out. Thus, it's a lot more ideal to indulge during the summer when the air has a higher chance of containing moisture. Thereby, decreasing the chances of skin drying out too much which would be counterproductive to the positive results of the mineral bath.
When it comes to how often these soak sessions should occur in order to produce positive results once a week and not more is recommended. The length of time the bath occurs is also paramount to the success of the treatment. Around 12 minutes is how long the soaking process should occur.
If you must soak in bath salts in the winter, adding ½ of a moisturizing agent such as baby oil is highly recommended to significantly increase the skin softening effects. This is sure to leave skin soft and supple all week long.
Surely these regiments are a lot easier than booking a trip to a spa or hot spring?
It certainly is and a lot cheaper too. It's common knowledge that booking any kind of trip can cost hundreds of dollars or more. Doesn't it sound a bit more reasonable to invest instead in a container of bath salts whose prices only range from $25-50?
Are there any popular scents or highly sought out types of bath salts?
If keeping to a budget is a concern most individuals that regularly engage in these salted baths frequent Epson salts. Others who are willing to invest a bit more money may choose to indulge in a larger variety of floral scents such as lavender or chamomile. For a little more zing it may be fun to go with something fruity such as cherry or green apple.
Now doesn't this seem a lot better than prescription medications as a viable solution?
If a small chance of drying skin depending on the time of year the baths are taken is the steepest price to pay. It sure sounds better than the fatal effects of any other prescription options.
So take a dip in a homemade mineral bath the effects may quite pleasant.
WANT BATH SALTS? Check out the collection here: http://amzn.to/2DfGg3S

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Risks of Fat-Free, Crash Diets and Supplements 08/01/2018

By Mary Thompson - 

Could there be a dark side to fat-free food options?
Trying to switch over to a healthier lifestyle can cause most people to seek out fat-free alternatives to their favourite foods. It would be completely logical to assume that fat-free low in sugar foods aren't going to be as savoury as more high caloric options.
However, it may be a surprise to most people that less flavour isn't always the case. Nevertheless, these sweet-salty flavours aren't apparent for the right reasons. On the contrary, the cause of lack of tastelessness is due to artificial sweeteners.  
Just cause they taste great doesn't mean their great for you
Diet sodas, low calorie no calorie sweets and yoghurt may seem to be the perfect ways to lose weight given the fact that they decrease the feeling of deprivation. However, a closer look at what's actually in these sweet bundles makes the serious repercussions they cause outweigh the great flavour they bring.  
Some of the most artificial sweeteners are:
   Aspartame   Acesulfame K   Xylitol, Sorbitol   Sucralose   SaccharinConsuming these additives on a daily basis can potentially lead to serious cancers later on down the line.  
Crash diets work fast cause they don't last
Most attempts to lose weight stem for reasons behind not only getting healthy but looking great as well. However, what most people fail to realize is that being thin doesn't always equal healthy. This fact leads most individuals on the quest to look healthy, to embark on starvation diets.
No doubt the misconception of zero calories is the leading cause of this behaviour which no matter how it's looked at can only be described as destructive. If allowed to go on for too long this type of behaviour can lead to the development of anorexia and bulimia.
Not to mention that as soon as the weight is lost it will come back in record time.
Supplements another trap in the get thin quick cycle
Another option that most individuals trying to lose weight fast turn to are supplements disguised as vitamins sold by nutritional retailers such as GNC. Upon first glance, these powders and pills may not seem harmful. Since their true nature hides behind a cocktail of vitamins.
But, what isn't so easily talked about are the negative and more often than not serious side effects these supplements can entail. Most of these adverse reactions are prevalent in one of the top fitness weightless sellers, the thermogenic.
The negative side effects range from simple discomforts to long-lasting serious consequences:
   Anxiety   Insomnia   Palpitations   Dizziness   VomitingThese dark facts are no secret to consumers or vendors. Nevertheless, when questioned as to the repercussions of turning to these supplements in order to speed up fitness results none of them is mentioned.
Clearly doing so would negatively impact their sales. It becomes painfully obvious that results aren't the main objective when it comes to producing these magic concoctions to make getting skinny and fit easy. Without a doubt some results are seen, however, these will only last for a minimal amount of time. After which consumers will be forced to purchase another bottle in hopes of finally achieving their desired results.
Sadly, these results will never be fully obtained. After all, if they were there would be no need to invest any more money in the purchase of thermogenic. Sales would never recover from that. In short, it's clearly all about the money.
One of the other widely popular fitness supplements is Muscle Milk. Sometimes it isn't enough to burn the fat. While this is in the works some individuals choose to bulk up as well.
These adverse reactions can range from:
   Nausea   Headaches   VomitingModeration, exercise and a healthy diet not only are these the real keys to success, but they'll save you a bundle too
After all, these negative side effects and unsuccessful results are stacked up suddenly these diet trends are seen in a negative light. It hardly seems worth it given the fact that all that anyone can achieve through the implementation of these techniques are spending a bundle of money to come out with a lifetime of negative consequences.
Doesn't living a life of moderation with the occasional workout and a sensible diet seems a lot more palatable?

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Ultimate Winter Hair Care Survival Essentials 07/01/2018

By Mary Thompson - 

Don't forget to show your hair a bit of love
Without a doubt, any form of extreme climate change can easily have negative effects on skin's overall health. This fact is further demonstrated as the first wave of icy winds blows in from the north, sales of deep moisture creams and serums go through the roof.
However, one important aspect of beauty routines which seems to constantly get overlooked is shielding hair from those cold gusty winds. After all, just like skin, hair can easily turn from shiny and moist to dry and brittle.
What to do when your lovely locks start to closely resemble bundles of straw?
Bad hair days are never a good thing, in fact, they can automatically put a damper on everything else. Even so, there's no need to have a coronary, the earth will not fall off its axes when you're armed with products that'll give hair a boost of moisture and shine.
Below is a list of products that will get the job done the first time:

OUIDAD Moisture Lock™ Leave-In Conditioner  http://amzn.to/2FaEfHN : Don't let the price scare you after all this product is currently only available in a value size. Why may you ask? For the simple reason that it's that good. No trial runs necessary.
What makes it so great?
As it is with any other beauty product that actually does what it says it's going to do, the ingredients speak for themselves. Sulfates, Parabens and Phthalates are nowhere to be found. In short, there's no need to worry about coating strands in ingredients that'll do more harm than good.
One of the main causes of damaged hair is the toxic elements it's exposed to every day. Which makes the main ingredient a large part of this product's success, Antioxidant Green Tea and Vitamin B5. Not only will each strand be detoxified, but you'll also be left with long-lasting shine.
In addition, the Prickly Pear Cactus Extract will thoroughly hydrate hair to prevent that ever hindering dryness. Just when things couldn't get any better the Arnica Extract comes in as the ultimate defence against that once inescapable frizz.
Truly, this product is a must-have for everyone all year round.
KERANIQUE Intensive Overnight Hair Repair Serum http://amzn.to/2COD2Iv : For the most part grey or white stands are the signs most commonly associated with ageing hair. Nevertheless, what isn't realized is that hair's deterioration can indeed be slowed down through anti-ageing treatments much like those treatments applied to the skin in order to reduce the appearance of wrinkles.
What's the secret behind this anti-ageing treatment?
One of the main causes of thinning hair which used to be an unpreventable part of old age is a damaged scalp and weakening hair follicles. The strengthening properties of Redensyl which nourish the follicle. Copper Tripeptide-1, the main component in the repairing process of the hair and scalp. Baicalin, the main ingredient in the serum anti-ageing capabilities. As well as, Serenoa Serrulata Extract a well-known treatment to combat hair loss.
All of these elements combined together will without a doubt get to the core of all causes of hair loss as well as elements which are behind the factors which can result in a damaged scalp.
These factors combined with the benefits of absolutely no parabens, sulfates or phthalates make it safe to use for anyone.
BRIOGEO Don't Despair, Repair!™ Deep Conditioning Mask http://amzn.to/2m3KIeE : There's a reason why this product was named Allure magazines best hair care product of 2017. It works! The price for an 8 oz. container may be far from economical, but in order to keep hair healthy and hydrated, it's worth every penny.
The main ingredients of Algae Extract, Rosehip Oil, Vitamin B and Almond Oil are sure to help your locks maintain their shine, a healthy bounce and keep the pesky frizz at bay. Not to mention that ever essential scalp care and strength hair needs to look healthier longer.  
Perhaps there is a way to get around the winter hair blues
Without a doubt, hair loss and scalp damage will come with age. But, that doesn't mean slowing it down and minimizing its negative side effects should be out of the question. On the contrary, they're right within reach.
These products may not be miracle workers, but it's certainly worth giving them a shot. The results may be a pleasant alternative to the dry mass of split ends which usually comes along with the cold icy months of the season.

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Could this be the End of Cable Television? 03/01/2018

By Mary Thompson - 

Could this be the End of Cable? Annual rapidly growing bills, clearly a move corporations would come to regret
Without a doubt nothing in life is free. One of the common problems almost anyone has to deal with day in and out are the stacks of bills that demand our attention every month. Each one demanding payment to keep the world going round.
For decades in addition to paying for rent, mortgages, basic utilities, phone/mobile bills the cable bill was a must have. After all who can live without entertainment?
In the 90's when cable TV was just starting to show up in households across the United States billing statements would add up to $20-40 at the most.
Nevertheless, as the times change so do prices. This day and age most cable billing statements tend to resemble price tags which can total $100 or more. In fact with the state taxes and fees, it's hard to know what the upcoming charges will be.
Why would anyone agree to receive unknown high charges every month?
The answer is simple, clever promotional techniques by companies such as Xfinity and Fios. Most of these promotions come in the form of promises of bills as low as $89 per month for an entire year. However, what they fail to mention is that this so-called low price doesn't include taxes and additional hidden fees.
These invisible charges are far from minimal. On the contrary, they can easily increase the bill by at least $20. That may not seem like a lot now, but to a family whose bill totals over a hundred dollars or more this is no small amount.
When asked as to the reasons behind the increase. Most companies will use the length of cable wires as an excuse. In short PR lip service for covering up corporate greed.
Hulu, Netflix, Sling TV and YouTube
Could the days of bleeding customers dry be over?
Perhaps the end of the days of glory cable companies once enjoyed may indeed be in sight. For the simple fact that their rapidly rising prices are soon going to be seen as not a natural occurrence, but ridiculous attempts to rip loyal customers off. For something, they can get at a much cheaper price.
Who knew the exact same channels and programming could be viewed as peanuts?
Suddenly, more customers are seeing the light that there was never really a reason for the increase in prices. Companies such as Hulu, Netflix and YouTube who started off as just streaming shows have continued to see success since they give customers the shows they love for prices as low as $10 a month or under.
Networks seem to be getting a piece of the pie as well
Cables one and only asset of not only entire networks but live TV could be a card that they no longer have to play. For only around $39.99 a month viewers will get all the benefits of cable TV without the ever increasing prices and the steep cancellation fees.
A La Carte TV?
No one wants to pay for anything they didn't want. Just when viewers thought it couldn't get any better Sling TV has now made it possible for their customers to only pay for channels they want.
Long gone are the days of paying hundreds of dollars for a bunch of channels with nothing good on. Once again another nail in cable's coffin.
Could this actually be the end of cable television?
With the wide range of information found on the Internet and its ever-growing capabilities cable's future as a household staple may be too far gone.
Perhaps this ultimate outcome was inevitable due to the increase in technological capabilities?
Or is corporate greed solely to blame?
It's no longer an exaggeration of a futuristic society
Just a year ago anyone would be called a tin foiled hat wearing conspiracy theorist for saying that companies whose sole profit came from providing cable television would soon be closing their doors forever.
What's next? It's hard to tell we'll all just have to break out the popcorn and wait and see. At the very least we all won't be paying an arm and a leg to do it.

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The Best Foods to Start the New Year off Right 31/12/2017

By Mary Thompson - 

Why not begin 2018 on the right foot?
Nothing exemplifies New Year's Eve more than the countless resolutions individuals pledge to make. For the most part these promises of striving to do better don't last very long.
Let's face the best way to describe any kind of so-called resolution is by comparing it to empty promises whose lack of substance is astounding but not the least bit surprising.
What could be the reasons behind an almost predictable rate of failure?
When faced with this question most people will remark that it's simply a result of lack of willpower. Nevertheless, making that distinction is nothing but a rush judgement which is a mistake. This lack of completion is not only about a weak amount of dedication. On the contrary, a large portion of these failed attempts is due to the fact that most of them are unrealistic.
Some things are easier said than done
Most of these resolutions resemble unrealistic commitments because as everyone knows large changes to lifestyles simply can't be made overnight. Rapidly jumping into alternate routines such as a completely opposite diet is setting oneself up for failure.
Wouldn't it be great to make changes and for once keep them?
Not everything that's good for you has to taste bad. There are definitely some healthy dietary choices that could take on the forms of soon to be cravings rather than just strict commitments.
The following is a list of healthy dishes and snacks that not only taste great but are good for you as well. Give them a chance and what's on the menu may actually surprise you:
Matcha aka Green Tea- Before jumping to conclusions about how green tea can only come in the form of a good brew. Let's expand our horizons and perhaps we may discover that matcha just doesn't come in a cup.
Finding the latest options when getting the daily intake is essential. It's good to know this can be accomplished by choosing to go with:
   Macha Ice Cream (This clearly isn't the most common of diet choices)   Pastries filled with a sweet matcha past (Who knew a tasty treat could actually be good for you?)   Oriental soup with a green tea flavouring base (Doesn't this sound perfect for those cold icy nights?)An underappreciated superfood probably cause it tastes great?
One of the extraordinary qualities of matcha aka green tea is that without a doubt it is good for you. While at the same time it can be incorporated into so many forms those of which include a wide variety of decadent desserts.
Its positive side effects of having the ability to significantly improve moods and high quantities of anti-oxidants further sweeten the deal.
Oatmeal- Once again this is another “good for you” food that seems to get a bad rep. No one can deny the fact that this hot cereal is incredibly healthy. This point is further driven home given that so many oatmeal packages display a prominent illustration of a heart.
Despite its ability to encourage a healthy diet. The misconceptions so many draws about this warm bowl of oats seem to be deterrents as oppose to attractors. Most of the problem lies in the lack of flavour this simple cereal would have on its own.
Happily, for those attempting to embark on the oatmeal challenge little bits and pieces of mixins are here to save the day. Thus, camouflaging the flavour of the oats altogether.
What types of little additions can be stirred into a bowl of oatmeal?
   Brown Sugar and Maple Syrup (Stirred together can envelop the oats in a thick sweet sticky coating.)   Chocolate Chips (For those days when a bit of indulgence is needed to boost one's mood.)   Chopped or Dried Fruit (Not only will this increase the sweetness, but choosing these as an addition will also add a bit more texture.)   Various chopped nuts (Nothing is a better addition to warm cereal than just a little bit of crunch and flavour.)No longer does being healthy have to equal boring
Without a doubt, as diseases increase being healthy is no longer an option, but a necessity. It's good to know that it can also taste great and at times come in the form of desserts. After all the easiest way to get healthy is not knowing any lifestyle changes are happening at all.

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