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Is Borage Oil Nature’s Secret to Beautiful Skin? 03/02/2018

By Mary Thompson - 

Expensive creams and serums a good investment or high cost money pits?
Investing hundreds sometimes thousands of dollars has sadly become an inescapable part of getting older which so many individuals have come to accept. After all as they say beauty takes pain and apparently a good chunk of your bank account too.
But what if this wasn't necessarily true? Or a gross waste of time money and exaggerations.
Could we have been seduced to invest in nothing by pretty containers with fancy with a mere few ounces of creams and serums?
What if there was a not only a natural, but an astoundingly more effective alternative?
Wouldn't it be refreshing to find out that the real secret to beauty wasn't in an expensive facial treatment which at times could amount to a small fortune? Could so many of us who have sought out that magical substance may actually get the chance to break ground?
Yes it's true, all because of an ingredient loaded in GLA (gamma-linolenic acid) and omega – 6 fatty acids. This secret weapon is none other than borage oil. Once again here's another natural ingredient that's been around forever, but just now getting recognition.
What are the benefits behind this otherwise unassuming supplement?
Not only is borage oil the secret to clearing some of the most common skin disorders such as eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis, but it can also encourage the growth of healthy hair. Clearly, a beauty secret in the form of gel pills which at the most can cost just $10 or a bit more. Certainly, a far cry for hundred dollar creams and serums.
Most tend to forget that beauty on the outside starts from within
Stress from the outside brought upon by menstrual cycles, menopause, and illness such as arthritis can affect not only the bodies' inner composition, but its outward appearance as well. Not only will borage oil make you look younger longer, but its key ingredients possess anti-inflammatory effects. Which is a key component to the prevention of these illnesses which used to be an unavoidable part of life.
Surely this sounds a lot less risky than a lifetime of prescription drugs...
Without a doubt one of the reasons so many people turn to prescription drugs when in pain are the rapid effects of numbing the pain.
Finally some relief right?
That would be great if pain relief was the only thing which resulted from the ingestion of prescription drugs. However, it's hard to ignore the negative side effects of these medications which at the most will only be able to achieve temporary recoveries.
When it comes to the negative side effective result from this prescription medications well let's just say they are far from temporary. On the contrary, their potent ingredients can lead users to develop a life time of addiction to illegal narcotics which when medications run dry, but the urge to get a fix is still there.
Just when it couldn't get any better weight loss gets added to the list
Unlike most supplements claiming to promote weight loss, borage oil actually works for the main reason that its claims aren't outlandish. In fact the proof is in the pudding literally.
One of the main components of GLA has been proven to not only increase metabolism, but suppress hunger as well. However, because of Borage oil's potent ingredients most users report experiences a strong almost floral after taste this however fades within a matter of minutes.
Weird flavors sure are a small price to pay when compared to rapid heartbeat, liver damage and sometimes death.
Are there any risks to the utilizing borage oil?
Nothing too serious just a few mild cases of indigestion. Surely this sounds a lot more palatable than the high probability of drug addiction?
Avoiding these side effects is hardly rocket sciences. All that's needed it limit dosages to only 3,000 milligrams per day.  
The chances of any of these adverse reactions happening is slim to none give that all capsules are clearly label no to exceed dosage size.
Too good to be true...
Quite the opposite in fact, brilliant but all true. Perhaps achieving beauty may not require a lot of pain or money after all?

Who would have thought?

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Risks of Fat-Free, Crash Diets and Supplements 08/01/2018

By Mary Thompson - 

Could there be a dark side to fat-free food options?
Trying to switch over to a healthier lifestyle can cause most people to seek out fat-free alternatives to their favourite foods. It would be completely logical to assume that fat-free low in sugar foods aren't going to be as savoury as more high caloric options.
However, it may be a surprise to most people that less flavour isn't always the case. Nevertheless, these sweet-salty flavours aren't apparent for the right reasons. On the contrary, the cause of lack of tastelessness is due to artificial sweeteners.  
Just cause they taste great doesn't mean their great for you
Diet sodas, low calorie no calorie sweets and yoghurt may seem to be the perfect ways to lose weight given the fact that they decrease the feeling of deprivation. However, a closer look at what's actually in these sweet bundles makes the serious repercussions they cause outweigh the great flavour they bring.  
Some of the most artificial sweeteners are:
   Aspartame   Acesulfame K   Xylitol, Sorbitol   Sucralose   SaccharinConsuming these additives on a daily basis can potentially lead to serious cancers later on down the line.  
Crash diets work fast cause they don't last
Most attempts to lose weight stem for reasons behind not only getting healthy but looking great as well. However, what most people fail to realize is that being thin doesn't always equal healthy. This fact leads most individuals on the quest to look healthy, to embark on starvation diets.
No doubt the misconception of zero calories is the leading cause of this behaviour which no matter how it's looked at can only be described as destructive. If allowed to go on for too long this type of behaviour can lead to the development of anorexia and bulimia.
Not to mention that as soon as the weight is lost it will come back in record time.
Supplements another trap in the get thin quick cycle
Another option that most individuals trying to lose weight fast turn to are supplements disguised as vitamins sold by nutritional retailers such as GNC. Upon first glance, these powders and pills may not seem harmful. Since their true nature hides behind a cocktail of vitamins.
But, what isn't so easily talked about are the negative and more often than not serious side effects these supplements can entail. Most of these adverse reactions are prevalent in one of the top fitness weightless sellers, the thermogenic.
The negative side effects range from simple discomforts to long-lasting serious consequences:
   Anxiety   Insomnia   Palpitations   Dizziness   VomitingThese dark facts are no secret to consumers or vendors. Nevertheless, when questioned as to the repercussions of turning to these supplements in order to speed up fitness results none of them is mentioned.
Clearly doing so would negatively impact their sales. It becomes painfully obvious that results aren't the main objective when it comes to producing these magic concoctions to make getting skinny and fit easy. Without a doubt some results are seen, however, these will only last for a minimal amount of time. After which consumers will be forced to purchase another bottle in hopes of finally achieving their desired results.
Sadly, these results will never be fully obtained. After all, if they were there would be no need to invest any more money in the purchase of thermogenic. Sales would never recover from that. In short, it's clearly all about the money.
One of the other widely popular fitness supplements is Muscle Milk. Sometimes it isn't enough to burn the fat. While this is in the works some individuals choose to bulk up as well.
These adverse reactions can range from:
   Nausea   Headaches   VomitingModeration, exercise and a healthy diet not only are these the real keys to success, but they'll save you a bundle too
After all, these negative side effects and unsuccessful results are stacked up suddenly these diet trends are seen in a negative light. It hardly seems worth it given the fact that all that anyone can achieve through the implementation of these techniques are spending a bundle of money to come out with a lifetime of negative consequences.
Doesn't living a life of moderation with the occasional workout and a sensible diet seems a lot more palatable?

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Are You Getting enough Ginger? It’s Full of Surprises! 26/12/2017

By Mary Thompson - 

Ginger, It's Full of Surprises
Not just something that goes well with sushi
When most people think of ginger, images of Asian cuisine usually come to mind. As exposure to international dishes start to find commonplace in more households more individuals tend to purchase exotic ingredients. One of the most frequently sought out types of produce to add a kick to any dish is none other than ginger.
Could benefits go beyond just adding a bit more flavour?
The onslaught of negative side effects brought on by the consumption of medications is a well-known fact to both medical officials and the public. As a result, more people turn to natural remedies to feel better. One of the most common ailments most people tend to suffer from is nausea, muscle pain, diabetes, arthritis and high cholesterol.
Aches and pains may no longer require countless pills taken several times a day for just a bit of relief
Studies have shown that the main ingredient in ginger, gingerol possess anti-inflammatory properties that because of its anti-oxidant capabilities can significantly reduce muscle pains. These positive effects are due to its ability to bring down the swelling and throbbing of the targeted area.
The same dosage can be prescribed for achy stiff joints resulting from painful arthritis. Relief is generated from ginger's main pain relief components of shogaols and gingerols. The key to its success in diminishing the pain is also brought upon by anti-inflammatory and antioxidant capabilities.
How much ginger is needed to ease aches and pains?
To achieve any notable effects practitioners of natural treatments usually, recommend 2 grams of ginger to be taken until relief is achieved. Most individuals have seen improvement in as little as a couple of days.
It's safe for EVERYONE literally
One of the hardest things expectant mothers go through is knowing which medications are safe for the baby. With that being said one of the most sought out treatments are anything that would bring some sort of relief to the dreaded months of morning sickness.
Most doctors tend to advise their patients to ingest low dose calcium pills such as Rolaids or Tums till nausea fades. Nevertheless, when asked how many of these calcium pills their patients should take most will give the flippant answers that these pills are harmless. Thereby, there is no limit and it's only enough when their patients feel better.
Even so, no one can argue that natural is always better. With that being said doesn't a piece of sweet ginger candy seem more palatable than chalky calcium pills?
Could lowering cholesterol be accomplished through anything other than whole a candy store of prescription pills?
One of the main causes of high cholesterol is through the buildup of atherosclerosis around the heart and arteries. Which is why most natural health practitioners recommend individuals suffering from high cholesterol take ginger to lower their cholesterol because of its anti-inflammatory capabilities.
Surely ginger is a lot easier than pricking fingers a few times a day?
One of the most rampant ailments too many people are forced to live with day in and out is diabetes. Upon receiving the diagnosis individuals are faced with a lifetime or testing blood sugar levels through prinking fingers. Not to mention the fact that deciding what foods are safe to eat becomes a daily juggling act.
Can ginger truly put an end to spiking blood sugar levels?
Absolutely! Ginger's low glycemic index components enable the body to break down glucose at a lower rate. Thereby, preventing blood sugar spikes which would normally be the result of consuming foods that are high in sugar.
All that's needed is consuming ginger capsules for some people the desired effect can be achieved in as little as eight weeks.
Who would have thought?
Perhaps ordering Asian takeout isn't such a bad thing after all? Since the main ingredients in Asian cuisine, even those of the multiple chain restaurants not necessarily considered to be a healthy diet is ginger.
This statement shouldn't be taken as an endorsement to eat more takeout. Since, as everyone knows home cooked meals are always best.
Nevertheless, isn't it great to know that some dishes may contain an ingredient beneficial in curing and preventing serious diseases that tend to cause havoc to the lives of so many people around the globe?
Looks like some things can taste great and be good for you too.

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The Benefits of Cranberries! They’re more Than Just a Holiday Condiment 18/12/2017

By Mary Thompson - 

Don't underestimate the power of the tiny red fruit
It seems that societies' modernization and progress has also led to the rapid discovery of medications which are prescribed despite the risks of negative reactions. In fact, it's hard to come across an advertisement for the latest miracle drug without having to listen to a list of risks which will most likely include a number of serious complications or even worse death.
Could prescription medications be doing more harm than good?
After looking at the big picture does ingesting numerous drugs still seem like a good idea given their wide range of possible repercussions? Societies need for the “miracle drug” quick fix to even the most complicated of diseases has led so many people to overlook the possibility that perhaps the cure for their ailments can be found in the most unexpected places.
Don't knock homoeopathic all natural treatments till you try them
Somehow as soon as natural remedies are mentioned the doubts set in. How much healing power can fruits and herbs actually have?
On the contrary, their medicinal abilities shouldn't be underestimated. One particular fruit that's loaded with everything good for you is none other than the cranberry. From decreasing blood pressure to curing UTI (urinary tract infection). The skies the limit to the things this little berry can do.
It doesn't have to taste awful to be good for you
Without a doubt, the cranberries' tart but sweet flavour is palatable to even the pickiest of eaters. One of the most common ways most people consume this “wonder fruit” is through juice or a popular condiment to holiday meals. But, to truly absorb its benefits most health food stores have started to bottle the attributes of the cranberry into concentrated tablets or capsules.
What types of diseases can cranberries not only prevent but cure as well?

Urinary Tract Infections
One of the most common ailments which can be cured through cranberries is urinary tract infections. When confronted with this disease most doctors will write a prescription for antibiotics. Nevertheless, as with all strong medications, they normally carry the possibility of harsh side effects.
How exactly does it work?
The active ingredient in cranberries A-type proanthocyanidins prevents bacteria from clinging to the bladder wall most common of which is E-coli. For serious cases, capsules are the most effective or 10 oz of unsweetened concentrated cranberry juice four times a day.
High Blood Pressure
One of the most common disorders so many people have to live with as they age is high blood pressure. Which basically translates into a massive force of blood pumped from the heart that can result in immense pressure against the arteries. Most physicians will automatically turn to prescribing several pills which hold the risk of causing adverse side effects. That in itself is the result of their quantity and strength which have the possibility of doing more harm than good. However, perhaps it might be a lot more palatable to consume cranberry supplements instead?
Can cranberries truly decrease blood pressure?
Absolutely and not in a subtle way either. Its anti-oxidant qualities help control a compound called ET-1 which is responsible for blood vessels constricting.  This is the main cause of blood pressure spiking in the first place.
Just because it's a sweet fruit doesn't mean it's loaded with calories
Not all sugars are bad for you after all how bad could 25 calories per capsule be? The benefits definitely make it all worth it. Coupled with the fact that cranberries don't result in serious digestive complications which can normally happen from the consummation of antibiotics.
Are there any negative side effects which can result from consuming cranberries?
The worse that could happen would be to develop a strange after to taste of pungent cranberries. Or perhaps every Ocean Spray advertisement will result in bitter distaste for the stuff. But, surely isn't that better than a lifetime of serious digestive issues?
Any more excuses?
There shouldn't be. If the great flavour and lack of side effects didn't swing you, perhaps the low cost will do the trick? Since isn't a few bucks a month a lot better than thousands of dollars in medical bills?

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Could Yoga Help Curb Holiday Weight Gain? 15/12/2017

By Mary Thompson - 
Could Yoga Help Curb Holiday Weight Gain?

A little bit of decadence is hardly a bad thing
One of the most dominant aspects of the holidays is the endless array of sweet, salty snacks and lots of alcohol. Which basically translates into everything indulgent and unhealthy. Nevertheless, despite all the happy memories of getting together with family and friends. There's a reason why we only engage in these activities once a year. Which is that all this pleasure could eventually kill us in the end, literally.
Can an ounce of prevention brought on by a fitness regimen be accomplished without much effort?
Absolutely, and better yet it's incredibly low impact and involves zero cardio.
What exactly is this slow yet effective fitness routine?
What type of activity does a yoga routine entail?
The wonderful thing about yoga is that it can be done by anyone regardless of age, physical fitness or disability. Muscle stretching while posing and stretching the body in numerous positions for minutes at a time combined with heavy breathing is the entire routine in a nutshell.
Any variations to the routines would be the difficulties in the positions as the individual's muscles strengthen thus increasing their flexibility. This progress of gaining strength is far from the only reason why so many individuals who regularly practice yoga strive to progress to the next level.
It is possible to age gracefully as oppose to viewing the coming years as a time of decline
One of the dominant benefits of engaging in yoga is the ability to age gracefully. Even though yoga cannot claim to stop the ageing process completely, at the very least it can certainly slow it down.
How is this accomplished?
Through keeping muscles in motion while at the same time being adjusted to suit the individuals ageing body. After all, there is a difference between getting a good work out and straining muscles which could ultimately lead to serious injuries.
Not to worry you will lose weight
Before getting into any of yoga's many benefits let's go to the main event that everyone's been waiting for, yes it will keep the weight down. It's hardly rocket science how this is accomplished. On the contrary, this attribute is the main cause of looking great, increasing one's metabolism. While at the same time increasing flexibility and muscle strength.
Plus, it's highly compatible with rough winter weather being that it doesn't require any gym memberships or the need to even leave home. Which brings up yoga's other benefit, heightened athletic performance. This could certainly come in handy when the weather improves and getting outside for a jog or a trip to the gym once again becomes a viable option.
Wouldn't that come in handy when the holiday's come to an end and swimsuit season comes along?

Could the benefits of yoga truly be worth it?
Without a doubt, yoga will help keep the weight off, but just because someone looks healthy on the outside doesn't mean they truly are in great shape. After being thin doesn't always equal great health. That's when the benefits of yoga truly come into play.
Nothing can put a damper on holiday fun faster than the flu which as everyone knows will most likely go after its victim's respiratory system first. The deep breathing and slow stretching muscle movements that are at the heart of the routine will help the body to develop an immunity when it comes to respiratory ailments.
Now doesn't that sound a bit more palatable than cold and flu medication loaded with alcohol which will do nothing more than make things worse since they come with a compulsory loopy feeling?
Perhaps yoga's low impact approach could put an end to the infamous holiday weight gain all together?
That could quite possibly be the case as a result of its low impact and relaxation techniques. Thereby making the chances of strained muscles or any other kind of injury resulting from yoga would be highly unlikely.
Time could also play a big part in yoga turning into much more than a trend, but a lifestyle
Most yoga instructors agree that 30 min – 1 hour 3 times per week would be an ideal routine to develop in order for a yoga session to be fully effective. However, most of them have also agreed that if 15-20 is all that can be devoted to each workout per week they would be fine too.
Given the high amount of calories consumed during the holiday season. The time and effort an individual puts toward yoga could be deciding factor as to whether or not keeps holiday weight gain to a minimum or gets rid of it all together.
In the case of yoga, its positive qualities could make the effort and dedication required to be worthwhile.

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