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Oscars 2018 - Academy Awards Predictions 22/01/2018

By Mary Thompson -

Could we expect a night of predictability or one of surprises?
As with any type of programming, the events set to occur are roughly planned out. Such is the case for the Academy Awards. The predictability of what audiences have come to expect is almost routine. Without a doubt, we are bound to be presented with a dazzling showcase of celebrities in beautiful gowns and tailor-made suits.
Fans from across the globe wait with bated breath as their favourite celebrities grace the red carpet with their presence accompanied by escorts such as their spouses, significant others or even parents and children.
For the most part despite the predictability of the pre-show festivities bring an air of excitement into the air. After all, it's impossible to know which A-lister is going to be given the honour of attending, who they'll be with and what they'll be wearing.
Most likely winners and maybes
Without a doubt, only the best of the best movies, directors, celebrities and everyone else responsible for making the movie a masterpiece, are lucky enough to snag a nomination. However, there's always going to be one contender whose risen to such esteem that they are no longer recognized as simply being the nominee, but an obvious winner as well.
Best Picture
After taking a look at the contenders for one of the greatest honours of the evening. It seems to be a pretty fair prediction that Call Me By Your Name could indeed take home the prize. This decision shouldn't come as a surprise given the high numbers it reached the box office and ever-growing fan base it's established. If this is indeed the case it doesn't look too good for The Post despite the amount of publicity it's generated.
Nevertheless, one fact that can't be denied is, The Post has the great Steven Spielberg on their side. It's impossible to deny the fact that the blockbusters he's created are known for coming away with a bountiful array of awards.
At the end of the night, it could indeed be a toss-up.
Best Actor
Without a doubt, the race for best actor is clearly going to be neck and neck with competitors such as Tom Hanks, Daniel Day-Lewis and Denzel Washington just to name a few competing for the prize. Nevertheless, word has it another actor whose credentials match theirs may actually come away with the prize, Gary Oldman.
Even though Gary Oldman may be up against a pretty stiff competition it may be the many elements of his portrayal of Winston Churchill in the blockbuster hit Darkest Hour which wins him the award. After all, this movie seems to contain everything Oscar worthy.
From the heart-stopping scenes and powerful speeches, which gave Oldman the chance to shine. Clearly, the prize was is in the bag. Unless of course, we're in for a few surprises and the award goes to newcomers such as Daniel Kaluuya.
Something which could truly be shocking is if the winner ends up being James Franco given the fact that he now faces allegations of sexual misconduct.
Best Actress
This is another category that could be a tough call. An obvious winner would probably be Meryl Streep for her portrayal of Kay Graham in the Post. Given her track record and other A-listers involved in the film. This outcome to indeed be a given.
Nevertheless, it's hard to ignore the other actresses she's up against who could get their moment in the spotlight. These ladies are hardly novices to hit movies or high esteem recognition in the film industry. These ladies or everything that echoes everything positive about Hollywood, Kate Winslet, Emma Stone Michelle Williams.
Or perhaps it could go to a newcomer such as Margot Robbie or Jessica Chastain?
Best Director
With no official list of contenders being released perhaps making a high chance prediction may be rather difficult.
However, what if that wasn't the case?
After all the nominees are up against one of the greats, Steven Spielberg who track record is a plethora of not only nominations but winnings. His very name echoes quality and a hit. Could this turn the tide in favour of The Post? If Spielberg ends up taking the prize this could certainly be a possibility.
Predictability is hardly a bad thing
No one can say that the more predictable winners haven't earned the right to steal the show.  However, one thing is clear in recent times Hollywood has truly shown moments which have shocked even the biggest players deep within the industry.
There's always a chance that the outcome of the evening may shock everyone.
Mary Thompson

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Is Hollywood in the Midst of a Ratings Scandal? 09/03/2017

By Mary Thompson

Has Hollywood taken the need for high ratings a bit too far?  

The rise and fall of ratings can make or break a program's success within the entertainment industry. Audiences are attracted to dramatic scenes where things take a sudden turn from normalcy, which can lead to out bursts of sadness, shock and anger. These dramatic outcomes which have a negative effect upon the lives of the individuals involved are of little to no concern to the audience for the simple fact that in their eyes it's all entertainment.  

Some people were hurt in the making of this program.  

Mistakes which cause dramatic scenes to unfold on live television are not as harmless as we are all lead to
believe. When major fumbles occur such as the mix up at the 2016 Ms. Universe pageant when Steve Harvey mistakenly announced the wrong winner. Thus, Ms. Columbia only got a minute of fame before the mistake was realized and the true winner was announced, thus making Ms. Philippines the legitimate winner of the Ms. Universe competition.  

Or perhaps the most-recent mistake at the Oscars where La La Land was proclaimed best picture. It was only after the entire cast made it onto the stage and was basking in their accomplishment was the mix up realized and corrected. Suddenly, Moonlight was the new winner of the best-picture award. 

We have not evolved from the barbarism of feeding people to lions and the mindless murder of gladiators as a form of entertainment.  

As these real life, dramatic scenes unfold, it becomes easier and almost natural to ignore the feelings of those who were directly affected. After all, they're in the spotlight and have fame so they must be ok right? The fact that audiences do not recognize that this is so wrong, is proof so many are going through life with rose-colored glasses on.  

Legitimacy comes into question.  

There's no question that the suspense and shock of a mix up on a highly-anticipated broadcasted event on television screens not only in the United States, but all over the entire, world certainly keeps viewers at the edge of their seats. This kind of catastrophe will of course be the talk of the town for months even years to come. Perhaps that was the purpose of it all to keep that program on people's minds. Maybe these scenes of unpredictability will keep audiences coming back for more the following year. Curiosity of whether or not Hollywood will get it right this time around is plaguing on the minds of fans around the world. This peeked interest would be the desired side effect the producers are maybe after.  
Not everyone watches passively.  

Even so, nevertheless, there is the risk of these little stunts back firing since there are two kinds of viewers tune into these programs. There are those who simply do it for a laugh and to have a good time. However, as it is with most competitions, some followers tend to take things a bit too seriously. They do not see these as just friendly competitions, instead as something that is anticipated and in some cases even bets have been cast. Individuals who fall into this category probably make up a bigger portion of the audience than anyone else. Which is precisely where the negative side effect can take place. As a result, so many factors come into question, for instance, the competency of the judges, whether all awards were fairly given and of course the legitimacy of the winners.  
Lives do change and not for the better.  

These debacles in the name of ratings are far from harmless fun and games. Take the two PwC accountants, for example, who are now being held responsible for the mix up at the Oscars. Martha Ruiz and Brian Cullinan most likely lost a good portion of their livelihood. When, in reality, perhaps their only crime was being a pawn in Hollywood's attempt to make things more exciting. The victim list of this publicity stunt does not end there. Even though Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway were both the presenters when this occurred it was Mr. Beatty, who made the incorrect announcement. Mr. Beatty's career is legendry in its own right, but nevertheless, this will be something he will be associated with for a very long time. Then there's the cast of La La Land, clearly this award was the one on Oscar night to hold the highest esteem. To have it given to them and abruptly taken away could only be described as nothing more than a cruel practical joke. The cast of Moonlight is the last and final victim of this debacle. The shock and uncertainty they experienced as their name were announced was most likely mistaken as a bad spoof. 

Why didn't we see this coming? The Miss. Universe debacle was a humongous red flag which we all chose to ignore. Even though she did win the Ms. Philippines contestant who in the end was awarded with the crown quite obviously by the look upon her face was plagued with feelings of shock and guilt since her fellow contestant Ms. Columbia seemed to be already basking in her victory. It will also be forever known that Steve Harvey gave the doomed announcement. The list of innocent victims just keeps growing.  
It seems as if the only things accomplished were that already awkward moment of being in the spotlight was made even worse by twists to the plot. Careers will be repaired, but one thing that is harder if not impossible to fix are the ratings these shows will receive. Clearly a crap shoot on Hollywood's part in order to scrape together any kind of ratings they can find.  

Fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice shame on me.  

Has Hollywood's desperation for ratings really gotten that bad? They now seem to have the need to throw innocent individuals into the fire? What happened to the days where this was something completely reserved for stunt devils? Tinseltown has proven itself to be just like any other corporation. Seniority counts for nothing and anyone can be thrown under the bus in the name of profit.  

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Oscars Top Pick - Red Carpet at the 89th Academy Awards - Best Dressed 27/02/2017

by Cheo Somischack

Red Carpet at the 89th Academy Awards

Fashion month isn't even over yet and Hollywood stars are still going strong with showcasing
their love for their favorite fashion designers on the red carpet.

Hollywood stars didn't let the threat of rain stop them from coming out to one of the biggest
award show of the year!

In a world full of trends, many of tonight's looks resembled a classic elegance. Here is my top
pick of Hollywood actors and actresses that shined bright during tonight's Oscar red carpet.

Jessica Biel
Dress: Kaufman Franco
Shimmering and a dazzling color of gold worn tight to the skin that electrified her body, Jessica
Biel won the hearts of many fashionistas all over the world! Displaying a high neckline and
breathtaking details on the gown designed by Kaufman Franco, this young actress got my pick
of best dress!

Chrissy Teigen
Dress: Zuhair Murad
Looking like a true queen in the arms of her husband John Legend, supermodel Chrissy Tiegen
dominated the red carpet. Choosing a white and gold dress designed by Zuhair Murad, the
dress had a plunging back line making her look like one hot mamma!

Naomi Harris
Dress: Calvin Klein
Simply one of the most classic look I have seen. She stunned viewers as she walked the
carpet. Wearing a white Calvin Klein dress, her hair straight pinned back away from her face
tucked behind her ears wearing flawless makeup made this new actress stand out. Never
underestimate the look of CLASSIC ELEGANCE!

Andrew Garfield
Designer: Tom Ford
“Dressing well is a form of good manners” - Tom Ford. Wearing his signature bow tie, Andrew
Garfield looked handsome as he made his way down the carpet for his first nomination as best
actor in a leading role.

Taraji P. Henson
Dress: Alberta Ferreti
There was no “Hidden Figures” here for this actress and she sashayed in a plunging Navy V
shaped neckline and off the shoulder gown. This flawless beauty knew how to make a dramatic
statement! Wow!

To many people, the joy of dressing is an art and these actors and actresses certainly know
how to express their passion for creativity! Life is a party - dress like it!

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