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Could Sling TV Mean the end of Cable? 29/04/2018

By Mary Thompson -

What if binge-watching isn't your thing?
As crazy as it sounds tuning into complete seasons of shows with little to no commercials isn't everyone's cup of tea. Sure it's ok every once in a while perhaps when the series is new and exciting, but to do this on a regular basis can only best be described as tiresome. Since, after a while, anything can get old and predictable.

Nothing takes the form of predictability more than being able to mimic pages of dialogue from every single episode.  

With that being said sometimes more traditional forms of television is what viewers are in the mood for.  Such as advertisements and not knowing exactly what episode is going to come up next.

Is it at all possible to get all the benefits of cable without the ever-increasing price tags?

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Could Roku Lead to the End of Cable Television? 23/09/2017

By Mary Thompson - 

Being slaves to high rising cable costs may soon become a thing of the past.
When moving into a new home, it used to be that seeking out cable provider, waiting hours for the technician and making sure all desired channels are working just fine used to be as routine as making sure the electricity was in place and ready to go.  

The crucial need for entertainment has become such a regular part of our everyday lives, that living without it is almost unthinkable.

How is consistently being ripped become a normal way of life?
For the longest time consumers only accepted the fact that their rapidly increasing cable bills were simply a part of life. Some of these monthly statements can reach astronomical heights of the upper 400's. These high numbers are hardly an exaggeration rather for the longest time they've been accepted part of life to most American homes. It's astounding how fast multiple cable boxes and premium channels combined with regular service can add up.

After a while, they're not going to take it anymore
Whether it has to do with the difficult economic times or a desire to save a few bucks one thing for sure cutting the cord on companies such as Comcast and Time Warner Cable to name a few is hardly viewed as a sacrifice anymore.

On the contrary, a Roku device has made it possible to stream favourite channels, shows and movies not only for reasonable prices but at times for free. Gone are the days of paying for channels hardly anyone watches due to the emergence of Sling's a la Carte TV. Now consumers can truly only pay for what they want.

What about the news networks? Surely those must be worth the price?
Not so much actually. Some forms of news media such as Sky News have long since recognised that prices are on the rise and this change in societies economic demographics could ultimately lead to their demise. Hence, the emergence of their very own channel which is accessible on any Roku device free of charge with virtually no buffering or lagging time.

Sports fanatics will hardly feel left out in the cold
Major networks such as ESPN have certainly wasted no time in hopping on the streaming bandwagon. After all, their success and popularity are highly dependent upon their growing base. Without choosing to market themselves to Roku viewers, sports networks which used to hold so much authority in the way of athletics could find themselves taking on the new persona of nothing but a “has been” a thing of the past.  
There's got to be a loophole in here somewhere?

When the streaming craze started gaining speed one of the pitfalls which discouraged most consumers from cutting the cord was the probability of touch and go reception which seemed to occur as a result of weak WIFI reception.

In fact, one of the marketing techniques cable companies utilises to get their customers to stay through statements which claim that most monthly bills will still add up to high totals of the upper 80's.

They've failed to mention the highly visible truth
It is true that any suitable WIFI can certainly add up to bills in the upper or mid-80's. However, what some consumers seem to forget when deciding to stay with their current cable providers is that unlike cable, Internet bills do not increase after a few months' time.

“Fear of the Unknown”
The reluctance to cut is nothing but a fugitive apprehension of new technologies which could very well alter the way, so many families have stayed entertained for decades. After all, anything new takes some getting used to, nevertheless, at the end of the day money talks. Whether or not the economy improves doesn't change the fact that consumers will never miss a chance to keep more of their money.

Could cable television's ultimate downfall be on the horizon?
Surely if major news networks such as CNN, NBC and Fox followed Sky News' example of being accessible to users free of charge the inevitable collapse of cable won't be far behind. After all once consumer demand dries up it's all downhill from them.

Just another way technology seems to be changing our way of life I suppose.

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