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The "Function" in Function of Beauty - a #HairCare review by R4RR Writer Mary Thompson 03/06/2018

Is Function of Beauty Worth It?  Let's take a look.

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Seems that lately, Facebook has lost focus from its main purpose of a way to keep in touch with family and friends. These days it's also the place to find the latest trends in health and beauty. This is only natural I guess since society seems to engage on that social media platform on a daily basis.
With digital environments soon becoming the norm of social interaction, comes the sense of trust people tend to develop in products that are advertised on them. After all only good can come out of Facebook right?
Worth a try?
It seems that a few catchy phrases, demo videos and a website accompanied by some reviews are sure to make any product worth it. If arranged the right away anything can be sold even for the steepest of price tags.
Needless to say like so many others searching for the perfect product that actually does what it says it will. I was astounded that a bottle of shampoo and conditioner could take the place of other haircare products. Thus, shelling out $36 for two 8 oz. bottles seemed to be a no-brainer.   BUT WAS IT WORTH IT?

Customizable ingredients? What are exactly are they?

[READ THE FULL REVIEW HERE: http://redcarpetblog.certaire.com/index.php/2018/06/03/function-of-beauty-review/ ]

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Is Borage Oil Nature’s Secret to Beautiful Skin? 03/02/2018

By Mary Thompson - 

Expensive creams and serums a good investment or high cost money pits?
Investing hundreds sometimes thousands of dollars has sadly become an inescapable part of getting older which so many individuals have come to accept. After all as they say beauty takes pain and apparently a good chunk of your bank account too.
But what if this wasn't necessarily true? Or a gross waste of time money and exaggerations.
Could we have been seduced to invest in nothing by pretty containers with fancy with a mere few ounces of creams and serums?
What if there was a not only a natural, but an astoundingly more effective alternative?
Wouldn't it be refreshing to find out that the real secret to beauty wasn't in an expensive facial treatment which at times could amount to a small fortune? Could so many of us who have sought out that magical substance may actually get the chance to break ground?
Yes it's true, all because of an ingredient loaded in GLA (gamma-linolenic acid) and omega – 6 fatty acids. This secret weapon is none other than borage oil. Once again here's another natural ingredient that's been around forever, but just now getting recognition.
What are the benefits behind this otherwise unassuming supplement?
Not only is borage oil the secret to clearing some of the most common skin disorders such as eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis, but it can also encourage the growth of healthy hair. Clearly, a beauty secret in the form of gel pills which at the most can cost just $10 or a bit more. Certainly, a far cry for hundred dollar creams and serums.
Most tend to forget that beauty on the outside starts from within
Stress from the outside brought upon by menstrual cycles, menopause, and illness such as arthritis can affect not only the bodies' inner composition, but its outward appearance as well. Not only will borage oil make you look younger longer, but its key ingredients possess anti-inflammatory effects. Which is a key component to the prevention of these illnesses which used to be an unavoidable part of life.
Surely this sounds a lot less risky than a lifetime of prescription drugs...
Without a doubt one of the reasons so many people turn to prescription drugs when in pain are the rapid effects of numbing the pain.
Finally some relief right?
That would be great if pain relief was the only thing which resulted from the ingestion of prescription drugs. However, it's hard to ignore the negative side effects of these medications which at the most will only be able to achieve temporary recoveries.
When it comes to the negative side effective result from this prescription medications well let's just say they are far from temporary. On the contrary, their potent ingredients can lead users to develop a life time of addiction to illegal narcotics which when medications run dry, but the urge to get a fix is still there.
Just when it couldn't get any better weight loss gets added to the list
Unlike most supplements claiming to promote weight loss, borage oil actually works for the main reason that its claims aren't outlandish. In fact the proof is in the pudding literally.
One of the main components of GLA has been proven to not only increase metabolism, but suppress hunger as well. However, because of Borage oil's potent ingredients most users report experiences a strong almost floral after taste this however fades within a matter of minutes.
Weird flavors sure are a small price to pay when compared to rapid heartbeat, liver damage and sometimes death.
Are there any risks to the utilizing borage oil?
Nothing too serious just a few mild cases of indigestion. Surely this sounds a lot more palatable than the high probability of drug addiction?
Avoiding these side effects is hardly rocket sciences. All that's needed it limit dosages to only 3,000 milligrams per day.  
The chances of any of these adverse reactions happening is slim to none give that all capsules are clearly label no to exceed dosage size.
Too good to be true...
Quite the opposite in fact, brilliant but all true. Perhaps achieving beauty may not require a lot of pain or money after all?

Who would have thought?

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Oscars 2018 - Academy Awards Predictions 22/01/2018

By Mary Thompson -

Could we expect a night of predictability or one of surprises?
As with any type of programming, the events set to occur are roughly planned out. Such is the case for the Academy Awards. The predictability of what audiences have come to expect is almost routine. Without a doubt, we are bound to be presented with a dazzling showcase of celebrities in beautiful gowns and tailor-made suits.
Fans from across the globe wait with bated breath as their favourite celebrities grace the red carpet with their presence accompanied by escorts such as their spouses, significant others or even parents and children.
For the most part despite the predictability of the pre-show festivities bring an air of excitement into the air. After all, it's impossible to know which A-lister is going to be given the honour of attending, who they'll be with and what they'll be wearing.
Most likely winners and maybes
Without a doubt, only the best of the best movies, directors, celebrities and everyone else responsible for making the movie a masterpiece, are lucky enough to snag a nomination. However, there's always going to be one contender whose risen to such esteem that they are no longer recognized as simply being the nominee, but an obvious winner as well.
Best Picture
After taking a look at the contenders for one of the greatest honours of the evening. It seems to be a pretty fair prediction that Call Me By Your Name could indeed take home the prize. This decision shouldn't come as a surprise given the high numbers it reached the box office and ever-growing fan base it's established. If this is indeed the case it doesn't look too good for The Post despite the amount of publicity it's generated.
Nevertheless, one fact that can't be denied is, The Post has the great Steven Spielberg on their side. It's impossible to deny the fact that the blockbusters he's created are known for coming away with a bountiful array of awards.
At the end of the night, it could indeed be a toss-up.
Best Actor
Without a doubt, the race for best actor is clearly going to be neck and neck with competitors such as Tom Hanks, Daniel Day-Lewis and Denzel Washington just to name a few competing for the prize. Nevertheless, word has it another actor whose credentials match theirs may actually come away with the prize, Gary Oldman.
Even though Gary Oldman may be up against a pretty stiff competition it may be the many elements of his portrayal of Winston Churchill in the blockbuster hit Darkest Hour which wins him the award. After all, this movie seems to contain everything Oscar worthy.
From the heart-stopping scenes and powerful speeches, which gave Oldman the chance to shine. Clearly, the prize was is in the bag. Unless of course, we're in for a few surprises and the award goes to newcomers such as Daniel Kaluuya.
Something which could truly be shocking is if the winner ends up being James Franco given the fact that he now faces allegations of sexual misconduct.
Best Actress
This is another category that could be a tough call. An obvious winner would probably be Meryl Streep for her portrayal of Kay Graham in the Post. Given her track record and other A-listers involved in the film. This outcome to indeed be a given.
Nevertheless, it's hard to ignore the other actresses she's up against who could get their moment in the spotlight. These ladies are hardly novices to hit movies or high esteem recognition in the film industry. These ladies or everything that echoes everything positive about Hollywood, Kate Winslet, Emma Stone Michelle Williams.
Or perhaps it could go to a newcomer such as Margot Robbie or Jessica Chastain?
Best Director
With no official list of contenders being released perhaps making a high chance prediction may be rather difficult.
However, what if that wasn't the case?
After all the nominees are up against one of the greats, Steven Spielberg who track record is a plethora of not only nominations but winnings. His very name echoes quality and a hit. Could this turn the tide in favour of The Post? If Spielberg ends up taking the prize this could certainly be a possibility.
Predictability is hardly a bad thing
No one can say that the more predictable winners haven't earned the right to steal the show.  However, one thing is clear in recent times Hollywood has truly shown moments which have shocked even the biggest players deep within the industry.
There's always a chance that the outcome of the evening may shock everyone.
Mary Thompson

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How Rihanna and Other Divas Fix their Dark Circles Before the Red Carpet 21/10/2017

By Mary Thompson - 

Raccoon eyes should never be the norm
One of the most significant hazards living life in the fast lane is fatigue. These hectic days are most
commonly referred to as everyday life thanks to the overwhelming bombardment of information from
the World Wide Web. Finding a bit of rest while keeping up with the hurdles of daily life is next to
Having a daily boost of caffeine to get moving is one way to keep the exhaustion at bay. Nevertheless
when the signs start to show on the outside well let's just say that's not as easy to hide.
Looking bright and fresh shouldn't turn into packed on a cakey
When eyes are looking sluggish and tired the first move most women tend to make is seeking out the
best concealer to combat those dark droopy eyes. More often than not when desperation to find the
best cover-up occurs consumers tend to turn to whatever is considered suitable to hide any trace of
dark circles while at the same time being economical.
Everyone loves cake, but not when it's on your face
The biggest stereotypes surrounding drugstore brand concealers is that their appearance tends to
change over the course of the day. Most of these changes can come in the form of painted on coverup
and cakey to non-existent after just a couple of hours. As a result, they have to be reapplied multiple
times often in conjunction with other concealers as well.
Less truly is more
This lathering on layers of cover-up results in making the problem worse by causing the skin to take on a
yellowish complexion. As a result of the number of products that have to purchase which can cause
adverse effects. Suddenly price tags which seemed reasonable at first tend to be farthest reasonably
prices at times reaching staggering heights.

Below is a list of concealers that will truly brighten anyone “whole” day
These concealers will genuinely erase even the toughest of dark circles:


NARS Soft Matte Complete Concealer:  http://amzn.to/2gYrNQN
Upon first
using this product I could not help but be sceptical given everything it was claiming to be able to do.
However, after just one application I was more than pleasantly surprised with the results.
Amazing doesn't even begin to explain the amount of coverage it's able to deliver. Not to mention just a
dab is all it takes to get the job done which certainly makes its mid-high price tag easier to take.
LAURA MERCIER Secret Concealer http://amzn.to/2xXk7sAThis is one of those products that truly lives up to its name. Not only is it a great value, but top
notch quality as well. At first glance, its price tag may seem to be a bit on the steep side. But, given the
fact that a little goes a long way as well as lasting all day it doesn't seem too bad.
With the vast array of shades, there's bound to be a fit right for every skin tone.
Now for two concealers that are good, but not great:
BAREMINERALS BARESKIN® Complete Coverage Serum Concealer http://amzn.to/2zqJUpo
Regarding a products to wear every day to the work I would give this product a thumbs up. It's easy to
apply, light in texture which leaves skin soft and supple as opposed to a tight, heavy feeling which can be
the result of heavier concealers.

Nevertheless, in terms of full flawless coverage, it's definitely lacking. Hence making it more suitable for
a day at the office and not a night on the town.
FENTY BEAUTY BY RIHANNA Match Stix Matte Skinstick http://amzn.to/2yF7JMGThis is another product that I really expected
more from given the name behind it. For days when looking presentable at work, is the only priority this
certainly makes the cut. However, when dressing to impress is the ultimate goal this product just
doesn't cut it.
Whether you're at work or out on the town...
There's a concealer to suit any occasion. These concealers genuinely prove that just because products
may have an excellent price doesn't mean they're worth the effort. Sometimes cosmetics with higher
price tags, but a longer shelf life are truly worth every penny.
So give these a shot there's bound to be a product for everyone.
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How to Rock Your Monday Mornings 15/10/2017

How to Rock Your Monday Mornings

Mornings are now something else for me. My
body seems to be the type that has the most
positive energy and mood as soon as I wake up.
Unfortunately, this dissipates quickly as soon as
I attempt to do anything other than sit with my
thoughts or read a book.

THE MOST IMPORTANT part of my day is
morning quiet time. Now I do understand and
am well aware that I have the unusual luxury of
being able to wake up at 9:AM and sit still either
reading or meditating until Noon before I decide
to do anything with the day, BUT rest assured, I
too have days where I am to be somewhere by
8:AM. On those days I find it best to wake up 2
hours earlier and either sit still and think about
the day or read for at least 30 minutes before
starting in on the tasks ahead.

QUIET TIME! Without it, burnout will set in very
quickly. Time and time again we all learn the
hard way that we are not meant to jump out of
bed in a frenzy and attempt to maintain that
chaos without serious emotional and physical
damage. If you have kids, I recommend you hide
from them! Seriously, you know when they get
up. Perhaps try getting up earlier, even at the
expense of your sleep, and hide in the bathroom
if you have to. Not that I'm telling you what to do
or giving out advice ;), just my opinion.

Research shows that regular quiet time can help
people focus, make good decisions, and perpare
invididuals to succeed in the most demanding
tasks. One study by scientists at the University
of North Carolina at Charlotte discovered that
students were able to significantly improve their
performance on several tests after spending only
twenty minutes a day for just four days (Zeidan,

So hide out and get some quiet time EVERY
morning and you will be impressed at what you
can accomplish effortlessly throughout the day.
My favorite QUIET TIME beverage? My morning
cup of Tea from from http://amzn.to/2zqePTh



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