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Fun in the Sun Beauty Must Haves 09/06/2018

Leaving home without these little bits and pieces just isn't an option
It would be ideal to think that most summer holidays are spontaneous and fun. After all aren't they supposed to be composed of rest and relaxation? However, while lying on the beach without a care in the world most of us tend to forget that those hot summer night won't be much fun without the preparation that goes along with it.

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The "Function" in Function of Beauty - a #HairCare review by R4RR Writer Mary Thompson 03/06/2018

Is Function of Beauty Worth It?  Let's take a look.

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Seems that lately, Facebook has lost focus from its main purpose of a way to keep in touch with family and friends. These days it's also the place to find the latest trends in health and beauty. This is only natural I guess since society seems to engage on that social media platform on a daily basis.
With digital environments soon becoming the norm of social interaction, comes the sense of trust people tend to develop in products that are advertised on them. After all only good can come out of Facebook right?
Worth a try?
It seems that a few catchy phrases, demo videos and a website accompanied by some reviews are sure to make any product worth it. If arranged the right away anything can be sold even for the steepest of price tags.
Needless to say like so many others searching for the perfect product that actually does what it says it will. I was astounded that a bottle of shampoo and conditioner could take the place of other haircare products. Thus, shelling out $36 for two 8 oz. bottles seemed to be a no-brainer.   BUT WAS IT WORTH IT?

Customizable ingredients? What are exactly are they?

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Is Borage Oil Nature’s Secret to Beautiful Skin? 03/02/2018

By Mary Thompson - 

Expensive creams and serums a good investment or high cost money pits?
Investing hundreds sometimes thousands of dollars has sadly become an inescapable part of getting older which so many individuals have come to accept. After all as they say beauty takes pain and apparently a good chunk of your bank account too.
But what if this wasn't necessarily true? Or a gross waste of time money and exaggerations.
Could we have been seduced to invest in nothing by pretty containers with fancy with a mere few ounces of creams and serums?
What if there was a not only a natural, but an astoundingly more effective alternative?
Wouldn't it be refreshing to find out that the real secret to beauty wasn't in an expensive facial treatment which at times could amount to a small fortune? Could so many of us who have sought out that magical substance may actually get the chance to break ground?
Yes it's true, all because of an ingredient loaded in GLA (gamma-linolenic acid) and omega – 6 fatty acids. This secret weapon is none other than borage oil. Once again here's another natural ingredient that's been around forever, but just now getting recognition.
What are the benefits behind this otherwise unassuming supplement?
Not only is borage oil the secret to clearing some of the most common skin disorders such as eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis, but it can also encourage the growth of healthy hair. Clearly, a beauty secret in the form of gel pills which at the most can cost just $10 or a bit more. Certainly, a far cry for hundred dollar creams and serums.
Most tend to forget that beauty on the outside starts from within
Stress from the outside brought upon by menstrual cycles, menopause, and illness such as arthritis can affect not only the bodies' inner composition, but its outward appearance as well. Not only will borage oil make you look younger longer, but its key ingredients possess anti-inflammatory effects. Which is a key component to the prevention of these illnesses which used to be an unavoidable part of life.
Surely this sounds a lot less risky than a lifetime of prescription drugs...
Without a doubt one of the reasons so many people turn to prescription drugs when in pain are the rapid effects of numbing the pain.
Finally some relief right?
That would be great if pain relief was the only thing which resulted from the ingestion of prescription drugs. However, it's hard to ignore the negative side effects of these medications which at the most will only be able to achieve temporary recoveries.
When it comes to the negative side effective result from this prescription medications well let's just say they are far from temporary. On the contrary, their potent ingredients can lead users to develop a life time of addiction to illegal narcotics which when medications run dry, but the urge to get a fix is still there.
Just when it couldn't get any better weight loss gets added to the list
Unlike most supplements claiming to promote weight loss, borage oil actually works for the main reason that its claims aren't outlandish. In fact the proof is in the pudding literally.
One of the main components of GLA has been proven to not only increase metabolism, but suppress hunger as well. However, because of Borage oil's potent ingredients most users report experiences a strong almost floral after taste this however fades within a matter of minutes.
Weird flavors sure are a small price to pay when compared to rapid heartbeat, liver damage and sometimes death.
Are there any risks to the utilizing borage oil?
Nothing too serious just a few mild cases of indigestion. Surely this sounds a lot more palatable than the high probability of drug addiction?
Avoiding these side effects is hardly rocket sciences. All that's needed it limit dosages to only 3,000 milligrams per day.  
The chances of any of these adverse reactions happening is slim to none give that all capsules are clearly label no to exceed dosage size.
Too good to be true...
Quite the opposite in fact, brilliant but all true. Perhaps achieving beauty may not require a lot of pain or money after all?

Who would have thought?

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You Won't Believe These Benefits of Bath Salts 17/01/2018

By Mary Thompson - 

The Many Benefits of Bath Salts
Mineral baths and hot springs delivered right to your door
As the number of toxins in the air increase, so do the chances of rashes and skin abrasions. With these come the implementation of prescription pills and creams that do work but, negative side effects sometimes fatal are also a part of the package.
Who knew that soaking in a bath could take the place of medication and a stack full of medical bills?
The funny thing about medical research is that the best remedies end up being found through natural resources rather than a mixture of potentially harmful ingredients. In order to achieve miraculous results without the negative side effects, most individuals have turned to soaking in hot springs and mineral baths.
However, not everyone has the luxury of going to the spa or up into the mountains as part of their regular skincare routine. That's when bath salts come in to play.
Now it's possible to get the healing properties of natural baths at home.
How easy is it to transform bath water into a natural spring?
All that's needed is dissolving a couple of cups of bath salts into a warm bath and soak. Then let the liquefied vitamins and minerals do the rest of the work.
What types of benefits can anyone come to expect from utilizing the healing properties of bath salts?
One of the main benefits bath salts provide are the shedding of dead skin cells which help clear the way for new ones. This along with having moisturizing capabilities makes it a must-have for any skincare routine.
Ensuring that those who soak in this salted bath have healthy skin isn't all the cleansing routines are capable of. Their minerals are also able to penetrate deep enough to cure muscle pains as well as encourage relaxation and relieve stress.
Can there be too much of a good thing?
In order to truly reap the benefits of soaking in salted baths, it's crucial to know when to do it and how for how long. The key to success is choosing when to indulge. For instance, the summertime is ideal for soaking in a salted bath as opposed to winter.
After all, despite their moisturizing benefits, there's also the chance of soaking too long and skin being dried out. Thus, it's a lot more ideal to indulge during the summer when the air has a higher chance of containing moisture. Thereby, decreasing the chances of skin drying out too much which would be counterproductive to the positive results of the mineral bath.
When it comes to how often these soak sessions should occur in order to produce positive results once a week and not more is recommended. The length of time the bath occurs is also paramount to the success of the treatment. Around 12 minutes is how long the soaking process should occur.
If you must soak in bath salts in the winter, adding ½ of a moisturizing agent such as baby oil is highly recommended to significantly increase the skin softening effects. This is sure to leave skin soft and supple all week long.
Surely these regiments are a lot easier than booking a trip to a spa or hot spring?
It certainly is and a lot cheaper too. It's common knowledge that booking any kind of trip can cost hundreds of dollars or more. Doesn't it sound a bit more reasonable to invest instead in a container of bath salts whose prices only range from $25-50?
Are there any popular scents or highly sought out types of bath salts?
If keeping to a budget is a concern most individuals that regularly engage in these salted baths frequent Epson salts. Others who are willing to invest a bit more money may choose to indulge in a larger variety of floral scents such as lavender or chamomile. For a little more zing it may be fun to go with something fruity such as cherry or green apple.
Now doesn't this seem a lot better than prescription medications as a viable solution?
If a small chance of drying skin depending on the time of year the baths are taken is the steepest price to pay. It sure sounds better than the fatal effects of any other prescription options.
So take a dip in a homemade mineral bath the effects may quite pleasant.
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The Benefits of Cranberries! They’re more Than Just a Holiday Condiment 18/12/2017

By Mary Thompson - 

Don't underestimate the power of the tiny red fruit
It seems that societies' modernization and progress has also led to the rapid discovery of medications which are prescribed despite the risks of negative reactions. In fact, it's hard to come across an advertisement for the latest miracle drug without having to listen to a list of risks which will most likely include a number of serious complications or even worse death.
Could prescription medications be doing more harm than good?
After looking at the big picture does ingesting numerous drugs still seem like a good idea given their wide range of possible repercussions? Societies need for the “miracle drug” quick fix to even the most complicated of diseases has led so many people to overlook the possibility that perhaps the cure for their ailments can be found in the most unexpected places.
Don't knock homoeopathic all natural treatments till you try them
Somehow as soon as natural remedies are mentioned the doubts set in. How much healing power can fruits and herbs actually have?
On the contrary, their medicinal abilities shouldn't be underestimated. One particular fruit that's loaded with everything good for you is none other than the cranberry. From decreasing blood pressure to curing UTI (urinary tract infection). The skies the limit to the things this little berry can do.
It doesn't have to taste awful to be good for you
Without a doubt, the cranberries' tart but sweet flavour is palatable to even the pickiest of eaters. One of the most common ways most people consume this “wonder fruit” is through juice or a popular condiment to holiday meals. But, to truly absorb its benefits most health food stores have started to bottle the attributes of the cranberry into concentrated tablets or capsules.
What types of diseases can cranberries not only prevent but cure as well?

Urinary Tract Infections
One of the most common ailments which can be cured through cranberries is urinary tract infections. When confronted with this disease most doctors will write a prescription for antibiotics. Nevertheless, as with all strong medications, they normally carry the possibility of harsh side effects.
How exactly does it work?
The active ingredient in cranberries A-type proanthocyanidins prevents bacteria from clinging to the bladder wall most common of which is E-coli. For serious cases, capsules are the most effective or 10 oz of unsweetened concentrated cranberry juice four times a day.
High Blood Pressure
One of the most common disorders so many people have to live with as they age is high blood pressure. Which basically translates into a massive force of blood pumped from the heart that can result in immense pressure against the arteries. Most physicians will automatically turn to prescribing several pills which hold the risk of causing adverse side effects. That in itself is the result of their quantity and strength which have the possibility of doing more harm than good. However, perhaps it might be a lot more palatable to consume cranberry supplements instead?
Can cranberries truly decrease blood pressure?
Absolutely and not in a subtle way either. Its anti-oxidant qualities help control a compound called ET-1 which is responsible for blood vessels constricting.  This is the main cause of blood pressure spiking in the first place.
Just because it's a sweet fruit doesn't mean it's loaded with calories
Not all sugars are bad for you after all how bad could 25 calories per capsule be? The benefits definitely make it all worth it. Coupled with the fact that cranberries don't result in serious digestive complications which can normally happen from the consummation of antibiotics.
Are there any negative side effects which can result from consuming cranberries?
The worse that could happen would be to develop a strange after to taste of pungent cranberries. Or perhaps every Ocean Spray advertisement will result in bitter distaste for the stuff. But, surely isn't that better than a lifetime of serious digestive issues?
Any more excuses?
There shouldn't be. If the great flavour and lack of side effects didn't swing you, perhaps the low cost will do the trick? Since isn't a few bucks a month a lot better than thousands of dollars in medical bills?

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